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What IS it exactly, and how do the Mayan Glyphs compare to the Zodiac & Tarot?

This 13 page introduction to the Mayan 13 Moon Calendar of Natural Time has comparisons to Western Astrology & The Tarot to help you situate Mayan Astrology with systems you may already be familiar with.

The Mayan Calendar is not based on the Earth's rotation around the sun (i.e. the Gregorian Calendar of 12 months), but on a true "moonth", the Moon's rotation around the Earth!

Discover how this exquisite cosmology can help you discover your soul story, soul family and soul purpose.

It's the perfect time to begin following the calendar of Natural Time and to synchronize with the magic & blessings that are always present when we are in sync with the Divine!

Rianna Skywalker Kin 13 : Oracle

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